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Increase Leads & Sales with Over-the-Top Advertising & Connected TV Ads

Ever wonder how to advertise your service business on streaming services offering TV shows, movies, sports, and live TV? Well now you can with 75 Degrees West OTT advertising services for home service companies.

OTT is disrupting the industry for good. As traditional TV continues to lose viewers, an estimated 147M US adults will use ad-supported OTT services like Hulu, CBS All Access, Sling, and Pluto in 2020 alone (that’s more than Instagram!). By adding this new channel to your media mix, you have an unprecedented opportunity to target new audiences in new ways—and to do so ahead of competitors who aren’t as ad-savvy.

Our OTT strategies go beyond just reach and frequency, offering you the scale you need to acquire new customers and reach your unique business objectives through more lines of data targeting and performance measurement. Whether you’re looking to measure visits and sales on your website, foot traffic to your stores, brand lift, or something else, it’s not a question of if OTT will work for you, but how.

Get ahead of the competition. And stay there.

Diversifying your ad dollars is just good business. By adding OTT to your media mix, you’re not only taking advantage of an entirely new way to target your customers, you’re also ensuring your brand exists outside of the realm of social media.

75 Degrees West is at the forefront of this innovative new medium, and when you work with us, you will be too. You’ll stand out from your competitors and appeal to your audience with a fresh approach to your marketing—and an incredible team supporting you behind the scenes.

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Connected TV (CTV), is a smart TV, smartphone, desktop, tablet or any device that is connected to the internet and facilitates the delivery of streaming video content.


A CTV connects to the internet through built-in capabilities or an external “over-the-top” (OTT) device that enables a standard TV set to become a Connected TV. Voila!

Video advertising on Connected TV occurs during the in-app experience.

Ex: When a Connected TV user opens an app to watch an episode of The Lone Ranger, a video ad would play prior to or during the content.

A :15 to :30 video ad is similar to a pre-roll ad on desktop, laptop or smartphone, but the user experience is comparable to traditional TV.