Paid social media is where you connect consumers with content and brand culture. It’s serious business, and the key to a strong social strategy is defining clear business goals. Our social specialists work obsessively with our platform partners to create hyper-targeted, adaptive paid campaigns built around core media principles: audience-first approach, creative and technical innovation, and performance transparency.


We are about developing objective-driven social media strategies that allows you to reach and connect with the people that matter the most to your business. Below is a sample of the targeting capabilities available via Facebook/Instagram:

  • Age, Sex (Male/Female/Transgender)
  • Zip Code/City, State
  • Industry/Title
  • Income
  • Interests, Behavior

No more paying for people who aren’t relevant. No more guessing, or slapping up a billboard and hoping the right people see it.

Work with our team of dedicated social media experts to grow your brand presence, connect with your audience, and increase your traffic and conversions.


Social media remarketing takes the guess work out of targeting. It gives you the opportunity to target customers that have already visited your site and have shown genuine interest in your products or services. So really, it’s more why not advertise to customers on the websites they spend the most time on?

At 75 Degrees West, our team of specialists work with each client individually to cater our services specifically to their needs. We understand that no two businesses are the same. We take the time to create a campaign tailored to your specific business goals.

We proudly work with clients in a multitude of industries and consistently provide top results each and every time. Although a fully optimized social media presence is only part of the goal, these results provide clear evidence that our work is second to none. We offer high-valued ROI, maximizing your investment and delivering measurable results.

Capture More Leads, Sales & Calls

Nothing is better to companies than reaching customers already searching for you.  Google Adwords & Bing Ads provides that world of lower funnel searchers actively looking for your product or service.  But here’s the question, what will you say when you show up?  That’s where our deep experience comes in.

As an Adwords Certified Agency, we understand how to build granular PPC campaign based in knowing the brand, how your audience connects with your brand, and why the keywords and Ads formulated will most likely translate into clicks and conversions.  And after all of that, the real work begins…

And with our Call-Only campaigns, we can take the same granular Adwords development process, and apply it to campaigns where you are only paying for phone calls, not clicks to your website.

Big Or Small – Budget Size Doesn’t Matter

Our team has worked on $30,000/month+ as well as $500/month. Either way, our process for developing effective campaigns does not change. Here are the areas of the PPC Management Process we focus on:

• In-depth Keyword Analysis
• Ad & Message Creation
• Landing Page Audit & Review
• Account Structure Setup
• Tracking Installing & Testing
• Campaign Launch
• Monitoring Performance
• Campaign Optimizations

After we run our campaigns for a month, we pick the winners and give them more breathing room and budget. And we do it over and over again to drive up ROI. This is the type of “active management” you deserve and will get day in and day out.

Why partner with our Paid Search Team?

• Larger Firms Don’t Give You Proper Attention – No client is too small to get the attention you deserve. From communications, to reporting and proactive recommendations, you’ll see that from day 1 in our partnership to grow your bottom line.
• 24/7 Full Analytics – In our care for your ROI, we produce reports that you can have access to 24/7 as you hold our team accountable, and we hold ourselves accountable.
• Nimble & Fast – As a nimble agency, we can act fast on request and recommendations we suggest. No more waiting 5 days for changes, because everyday matters to your bottom line. Plus, we can get a campaign live in 2 – 3 business days.
• Consistency – This is the major cause of attrition in Paid Search campaigns. Our team will constantly monitor & optimize your campaigns and proactively find opportunities to grow your bottom line.
Any business can pay for clicks. Smart businesses pay for strategy.